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Free gift division

  • 業務用 Fragrance
    strap series.
    Very funcy strap of the epi leather. It contains slightly incense fragrance, you may replace your favourite with a blank sheet.

  • コイン型おしぼり Coint instant towl  Order
    A little water drop makes naturally swell. Clearn up your hand and other portion before meal, snack. Our package line up follow what you wanted for giving away with custom printing.

  • 小袋たれ Towel  Order  
    The offer on the name insertion is also possible as novelty.

  • Please ask about deteals. 

  • ドレッシング(ミニパック) Towel made in China  order

    The towel also with a good record of performance in the country of cost performance ratio emphasis, the supply is also possible in quantities. Please inquire any time.

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