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Carrageenan divisionCarrageenan division


Carrageenan division

  • 業務用 Carrageenan
    (for ham and sausage)


    It is popular stuff for texture improvement, as body or thickner improvement and gel-filled stavilazer material.
  • [ The use of Carrageenan]

  • ☆ham and sausage
      Addition for thickening and rimizu prevention.
  • ☆Jerry
      Addition for gel-forming.
      For a calorie zero, it's used for a product zero calories.
  • ☆Ice cream
      Prevention separate and addition for stabilization.
      Even if it's frozen, the performance isn't damaged.
  • ☆Beer
      The protein which causes impurity is used as a removed clarificant.
  • ☆Other pet food is used in marine fish cake.

  • 業務用 Carrageenan raw material material

  • 業務用 Quality check of the setting up state

  • 業務用 The shipment state

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