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1932 Ex president Susumu Fujinohara joins E-Kirin sauce at Sumida Ku, Ishihara 
1948 S. Fujinohara spined out and establish an individual company at Hirai,Katsushika, Tokyo
1950 Change corporate formation and increase capital at 1.5 million yen
1960 Change name to Fukunan Food Industry, and increase capital at 5 million yen
1967 Complete the new head office building
1980 Certified JAS marked facility
1981 Start lunch supply business by the authorization
1987 Install the newest kneader machine for small lot supporting
Ryuki Fujinohara became a president

Increase capital at 10 million yen
Set up the bacteriological examination room for improvement of the product quality

2000 Increase capital at 45 million yen
2001 Certified the CVS factory. Install the fastest small automatic filling machine. Start on-line business
2002 Install the temperature control system for product management and distribution, alternate all of factory
2003 Install a sheet shutter and start the roasting products
2004 Prepare the ISO authorized factory
2007 Certified the soft drink production, release the syrup series
2010 Issue the MSCB for expanding business.Replace a new bottling line covers 100ml - 2litter
2010 Eastablish business contract with Chinese prepared foods company
2011 ommitte with Iris Moss manufacturing company in Philipine, and start supplying three kinds of bodying agent products




1981 Mr. R. Fujinohara, who is a president of Fukunan Food Industry, personally invented a continuous heat and sterilization system, and applied a patent.
1989 Release the heat and sterilization system. (KBF pasteurizer)Establish a sales management company.
1990 Expand business channel to Korea after a Korean trade company's inquiry.
1993 Star patent management based on the micro wave film wrapping, authorized the Range Safe sales rights, start selling.
1996 Start importing goods from China, and supply them to some big super market chains.
1997 Established a business cooperation with Korean Soy source company, start BBQ sauce selling.
1999 Tied up with Korean food companies to sell the seasoning sterilization system, and technically advised them for improving sterilization.
2000 Technically advised the big seasoning manufacture in China.
Exported the Japanese foods made in Korean partner to China, and imported the final product from China.
2005 Created the banana ketchup importing and Japanese seasoning manufacturing, setup the partnership in Philippine.
Established a business cooperation with Shang Hai honey company, and sell this product to some big drag stores.
Aggressively sell the wrapping products to big foods companies.
2006 Start developing the fishing baits after big fisher goods maker's inquiry.
Start supplying a mineral water to a big drag store, tied up with drinking company in Shizuoka.
Import the coin style towel and straps for cell phones as the novelty, start supplying to domestic customers.
2009 Start selling the mango puree and coconut milk tied up with Philippine company.
2010 Opened a net cafe shop in Bulacan city in Philippine.
Start importing the radish for Oden and prepared foods from Bei Jing as a busines cooperation.
2011 Start importing the Carrageenan as a food additives from Philipine, as a big request from a food company in Japan.
Start exporting Japanese foods materials to Philippine.