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Our Concept


Fukunan Companis Group has integrated in 2012 with the Fukunan Food Industry and the Fukunan Enterprise ,who particularly active. We intented to give you better service and smoother supply than before. Our total policy is never changed, and now each business area are shown on pages. We hope you will take good care.

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Seasoning division

Seasoning division

This is our fundamental business since establishment. We still keep our severe quality management and follow any production lot with custom silk printing service.

Carrageenan division

This supplies carrageenan as the food addtive material. Our severe quality control gives you stable stuff to your needs.




Other business sections

Wrapping material division
Packaging division

supplies plastic laminate film, various plastic materials,vessels, PET containers and labels as well.


Division of import and export
Our long time cultivated South East Asian network give us many chances and also export better Japanese products there. We believe and support for any kind of arrangement.


Free gift division
We have many novelty goods for variety needs in the market. Please feel free to ask your demand, quantity and printing, and we are happy to quote.

Real estate division

不動産事業部 We provide monthly parking space, near in our office.



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